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Sacramental Auto of the Wise men

Fiestas de interés turístico

Auto Sacramental de los Reyes Magos de Cañada is a staging performed in the manner of medieval theater, both in fixed and mobile locations in different parts of the municipality, representing the adoration of the Magi to the child Jesus and the slaughter of the innocents taken to Cape by Herod. Its origin is between 1785 and 1797. Since 1964, the Sacramental Auto of the Magi is staged in two days, on January 6 and 7.

January 6th
The day begins at 9.30 am, when the Band performs a parade to take the audience to the place of “El Pinaret”, point where the three wise men are after following from different places to a great star. After talking they go to Herod’s Palace, achieving this the commitment of the Magi to inform him of the place of the birth of Jesus, totally unrelated to his true intentions. The last scene of the day represents the meeting of the Magi with Jesus in the Plaza Mayor. After making their offerings and being warned by an angel of the cruel intentions of Herod, Their Majesties return to their countries without warning. Therefore, Herod sends his troops in search of the family.

January 7th
On this day the flight to Egypt is represented in the vicinity of the Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen, where they meet some bandits who, under the influence of their captain Dimas, accompany the family despite the first intentions
to kill the baby. Then a funny scene takes place in which the shepherds Jusepe and Rebecca are interrogated by soldiers of Herod. When not finding the Messiah, Herod orders the Slaughter of the Innocents in the same Palace, murdering his own son, which provokes the reproaches of Rachel, the repentance of Herod and the end of the representation.